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Emma Parkinson

When you can't look on the bright side I will sit with you in the dark


C.S Lewis.

About Me

As a therapist with my own lived experiences, I understand how difficult it can be to reach out for support when you feel at your lowest.

I truly believe in treating people as individuals with their own unique experiences.

This belief underpins my practice as a person centred counsellor.

I choose to work in an intergrative way using my additional training and experience to adapt to your needs.

My additional training and experience in trauma informed therapy, health coaching, Behavioural activation and menopause and mental health. Alongside experience working with various mental health conditions and diagnosis, inform my practice.

How I Can Help


Anxiety can feel all encompassing, it take over your entire life. We can work together to reduce its impact and learn to trust yourself.


It can feel incredibly lonely and isolating living with depression, often as if no one else could understand.I can walk alongside you while you learn to understand yourself

Low Motivation

Lack of motivation can impact every area of your life, I can work with you using Behavioural Activation skills to make achievable goals that will steadily improve your levels of motivation and overall sense of achievement.

Loss and Grief

When we lose someone close to us or something that is part of who we are, we can feel lost and unsure of what to do with ourselves. I will companion you through your loss and help you to reconcile what is missing and find your new way through. 

Infertility and Womens Health

With lived experience of infertility, I understand how it can feel like you lose your sense of self and struggle to come to terms with things beyond your control.

living as a woman can feel like a pressure in itself at times to be or act a particular way, concerns and issues with intimate health add to that pressure. I can work with you to help ease the load and help you recover your sense of self and self worth.

Domestic Abuse

It is terrifying and isolating when you are experiencing or have lived through domestic violence and abuse.

I have experience of working with clients recovering from domestic abuse in all forms. We can work together to reduce the anxiety and improve self worth and self esteem impacted by an abusive relationship.

Trauma and PTSD

Experiencing trauma is debilitating, it effects every thought and every decision. I have knowledge and experience of working with trauma and PTSD and will use my experience of trauma informed practice to work gently with your experiences and lessen their impact on your life.

What to Expect

A qualified, registered and experienced counsellor to accompany you on your therapy journey.

You can expect to be met with genuine empathy, care and understanding, without judgement of you or your experiences.

Your confidentiality will be highly respected and protected.

You will have a safe space to share your experiences and explore your emotions with someone able to hold them with care.

From experience, clients will have 8-12 weekly sessions. However, when agreed necessary, sessions can be extended and do not have to have a set limit.


each session will last 50 minutes and can take place face to face or via video call.

Sessions are charged at £50 a session, paid in advance and are non refundable, subject to cancellation policy.



Therapy quality ratings based on remote sessions only (via Better Help)


Client recommendation               4.1 / 5    

Communication variety                4.8 / 5        

Timely responses                            4.8 / 5

Respect and support                      4.8 / 5

Empathy                                            4.5 / 5

Expertise                                           4.6 / 5




Client Testimonials


"Emma is a very good listener! For the first time in my life, I felt so confident in sharing my life without being judged! She’s good at understanding what I’m going through and interpreting it for me so I understand it myself too"

Testimonials and Ratings

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